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Well, the spring crop of kids has arrived and they are majorly stunning. Most will be for sale because...well I just can't take care of but so many goats. Take a look at our cuties...and their lineage. Not one here that wouldn't do your herd proud!

We have more kids due to arrive in July!

Sweetpea's newest creations...White with a streak of gold down his back, so far blue eyes...White Lightning and his sister Niblet (both disbudded). We are retaining Niblet, but Lightning is solid, gorgeous and knew all the buck moves at 1 day of age...the stomping of the foot, the wagging of the tongue, curl of lip...and the baby "Oh Baby" noise. This boy will grow up to be an incredible buck...

Sisters Three GG Pepsi Cola X Winnimusset Big Boy
Born 4/25/2014

White Lightning is for sale

Kitai...our lovely little gal had her first babies all on her own. We left the farm for 2 hours and she made the most of it. We came back from a pig roast and she had two lovely kids on the ground, clean and nursing. Very proud of this little gal...and her babies are gorgeous. The doeling is named Karma, the buckling is Kismet.
Kitai is not registered, so her babies will not be.
Both are for sale and are disbudded.

Kitai X Winnimusset Big Boy
Born 4/26/2014


Kismet (Buckling)


Karma (Doeling) SOLD

Presenting Sugarfoot and Footloose (Lucy). We are keeping Sugarfoot (buckling) but Lucy is for sale. Great lineage, great personality, disbudded and healthy!

Rowanwood Farm Moonshadow X Winnimusset Big Boy
Born 4/28/2014

Sugarfoot and Lucy

Below are Forte and Dolce, the buckling and doeling of our wonderful Wandering Moon. Both are gorgeous, disbudded and have very excellent lineage. For Sale

MCH Pocket Sized BT Wandering Moon 5*D X
Rowanwood Farm Rudha-An
Born 5/22/2014

Forte means Strong...Dolce means Sweet in Italian.
We think these names fit these little charmers very well!

And the finale of the spring kidding....

Our fabulous doe, Skye blessed us with two gorgeous bucklings, Hooligan (red and white like his daddy) and Ninja (dark chocolate and white). These two stunning boys are disbudded and for sale.

Kaapio Acres DM Skyz Th'Limit X Rowanwood Farm Rudha-An
Born 5/28/2014





Contact Gayle via email or call 804-815-6459 for details and prices or to arrange a hugging session.



Enjoy our slideshow!

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We are located at 3321 Rich Lane, Saluda, VA. 23149   We do live in Gloucester, but due to zip code "things" we are listed in Saluda.  If using a mapping program, use Glenns as the city...Weird huh?

You may email us at 2gdumas@gmail.com

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